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Writing Resources on Pinterest

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Essence of the Wanderer part 25--intermission part 2

More boring crap where I am blatantly just stalling for time/wordcount!

“I’m back,” Hua sang as she came back into the room, carrying a tray laden with various items.  898 more words


I'm a Writer, yes?

When I retire I want to be a writer …….

When I retired I wanted to get published, but without an ongoing project, four years later I was no nearer my goal. 2,227 more words


The Ultimate Book Tag

Hey  everyone!  The  lovely  Warisha  Reads  tagged  me  to  do  the  The  Ultimate  Book  Tag!  It  sounds  like  lots  of  fun!  Thanks  for  tagging  me  Warisha!   1,169 more words


100,000 words in 26 days!

Hot diggity!  100,136 words as of about 5 minutes ago!  Man that feels good.  Never wrote this much in one month before, and the month’s not even over yet!   42 more words


Editing Day 6

I feel like I’m still asleep.  I’ll do what I can, but so far today, any time I try to concentrate on something, I end up on imgur, even when I exit the browser tab.   82 more words


I love it when the internet articulates my feelings

This is where I tell you about a small fact of life. Your little projects? They’re just awesome when you can’t do them. At that point, they seem like the best thing ever, the thing that’ll catapult you into stardom. 105 more words