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Getting Rid Of Those Ugly Black Borders

When I first installed NOOBS and Raspbian, my TV screen showed ugly black borders around the terminal lines and shrunk the actual display so that it became difficult to read the on screen text. 747 more words

Raspberry Pi

Introducing The Nano Text Editor

Before I get into the details of something called config.txt, where you can edit some of the Raspberry Pi configuration, I’m going to quickly introduce the Nano text editor. 348 more words

Raspberry Pi

Letters from Camp: “Would You Rather” Writer Edition

So the great thing about Camp is being inspired to write.  Over on Herminia’s blog she did this great little “Would You Rather” thing, and I loved it.   496 more words


July 5th - Camp NANO

July 5th

Prompt: April Showers Bring…Murder

Character: A prisoner 1,330 more words


July 4th - Camp NANO

I am behind!  Holidays, I swear.

July 4th

Prompt: A business meeting goes horribly wrong

Character: A burglar 1,317 more words


Letters from Camp: What Fun!

WOW!  So yesterday was Independence Day, and here at Camp it was also family day!  So we had a day away and spent time with our family’s who we are not really seeing for the month.   81 more words


Arduino, Plexiglass and Superglue, how can you go wrong?

Like most tinkerers, I started on a project that I have been whittling away at for a long time but haven’t finished.  I am trying to add automation to my faux wood blinds using an Arduino Nano, servo and a wifi card.   422 more words