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Dämonen der Wüste

Eamon war in jenem Ort im Jemen auf der Suche nach einem Dämon, jenem Dämonen, der auf der Liste der Terrorpaten stand. Dabei schien die Zeit still zu stehen, und tatsächlich war es so, dass ihn plötzlich jegliches Zeitgefühl verließ. 376 more words

Aphorismen - Sententiae - Sprachspiel

Failed again

I have tried Camp Nanowrimo last April. It did not end well. I have the same excuse as with nanowrimo in november. School. Things did not end well. 171 more words


Even Still, Even Keel

Leaping is scary stuff. Two weeks ago, I wrote a post about the need to leap and how I felt like I was going to die here if I didn’t. 220 more words

Jeu-concours : Gagnez 5 T-Shirts dédicacés par nano !

Rejoignez notre combat pour la liberté numérique. Votre vie privée, votre liberté de choisir… et la possibilité de gagner l’un des cinq T-shirts dédicacés par nano! 100 more words


La pluma

Es más fuerte que la espada…

El placer de desahogarse


The Future: Zadro Nano-UV Large Area Sanitizing Wand

Hospital-quality disinfection of large surfaces at home, on the road, or at work, killing 99.9% of #bacteria, viruses, and germs on any surface, guaranteed. #future #epic #cleaning #wand

Move Over, Nano!

This is the makeover season! Latest to join the makeover bandwagon is Tata Nano. Not the first time though that the company has resorted to breathe a new ‘life’ into the Nano. 115 more words