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If you’re a drummer, falling in love with a woman called Pattie can be inspirational. Pa-ttie has percussion built in.

But if you’re a guitarist? You can’t bend or stretch… 533 more words

Sing Better English

I hope the forest is green enough ;)

There are very few rare moments when you actually feel happy for being an engineering student. One such priceless moment is when you go through the much respected maths book see such beautiful definitions: 44 more words

Which Name?

I am trying to come up with names for a new character that I’m creating for my novel.

She is a stern, but kind, short, pretty, blond 30 year old. 19 more words


Should I change my name?

A lot of women take their husband’s last name after they get married, or hyphenate it, or what have you. I’ve never been stoked about changing my name, due to a) laziness and b) feminism–in precisely that order. 577 more words

Emmy - #88

Emmy - Indescribable loveliness, the kind you feel when your tongue tastes something pleasant for the very first time, like when then bubbles from pop fizzle at your lips or the softest sweets melt away leaving a cold spot on your tongue.  33 more words