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Waterfalls of Pemberton

So, back to that quiet town North of Whistler Village. I am so excited to share with you this first waterfall. I thought we were never going to find it and, when we did, it completely exceeded our expectations. 600 more words


The tragedy of a lended vote

People often come up to me in the street and…well, mostly complement me on my handsomeness and rock-hard abs. But they also, occasionally, ask me, “Kyle, who will you vote for in this upcoming election?” Up until the last few weeks I’ve not even had to think about it – the SNP, followed by a long and detailed description of my hopes for Danny Alexander’s dismissal as MP and subsequent shitting disaster in the queue at the Job Centre. 1,622 more words


Getting Lost In Scotland

We are always saying the best way to see a place is to get out on foot and just get lost. Well, that is exactly what we did in Nairn, Scotland … without even planning on it. 760 more words


Harris big in victory against FCKC

Saturday night, the Spirit hosted defending champs, FCKC. The Spirit played Kansas City twice at home last season and won both times. They were looking to repeat that trend with some changes in the lineup and the comfort of playing at home. 511 more words


Beginning the blog

Cheekily I’ve borrowed the title of this blog from a book I admire very much, Nairn’s London, which was reprinted in 2014 by Penguin. Had he been around now my guess is that Nairn would not have been especially impressed with much of the built environment of London as it has developed over the last few years. 286 more words


Are the SNP already out of sight in Labour heartland seats?

James Kelly explores the polls and the positions in the aftermath of the leaders debate.

This is, unfortunately for me, just about the most dangerous possible moment to sit down and try to summarise the state of play in the opinion polls. 1,164 more words


Interlude in Moray

I’ve been busy re-drafting and editing my second book recently, of which more very soon…

But this week I’ve had a bit of an interlude – I’ve been visiting Nairn, on the beautiful Moray coast in Scotland.   64 more words