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Nails, nails! 

Hey guys! Didn’t you ever haven’t got any idea of which color to choose for your nails? Or haven’t you ever didn’t have time to get them really done? 190 more words


The other side of the table...

So today I had a very different nail experience. I went on a Gel II™ conversion course …not as the student but as the model! 533 more words


Glisten and Glow HK girl TopCoat: Why it's my favorite and should be yours too.

My mother is a cosmetologist so I have always used whatever professional products that she got for me or recommended me to buy. Growing up I primarily only used Essie or OPI. 338 more words



This week I have been struggling with a cold. Got a fever and a never ending stream of snot (TMI?!?). I have neglected tidying the house and been super lazy! 70 more words

Nail Art

Be Ladylike

So close to a long 3 day weekend and I’m super excited! I am Dave’s date for his friend’s wedding tomorrow. Yay! First time going to a wedding where I do not know the couple LOL I know I’m going to be busy all day today so I decided to give myself a manicure. 139 more words


Why choose LED light?

First and foremost, please be sure that the products you want to use with your lamp are LED compatible, unfortunately not all polishes and gels are formulated to work with LED lamps. 206 more words