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Nail Art Inspiration [Part 2] ❀

I received great responses from my previous nail art inspiration post so I decided to do another one! I hope you all will enjoy this one as much as the previous one. 149 more words


Is the Key Government terminal?

All Governments are terminal, their demise is inevitable. But once they start to look terminal then the voters are likely to be getting close to terminating their tenure. 860 more words


Summer Goddess Nails

Today’s nails were inspired by summertime. I love the idea of mixing neon’s with metallic and bronze shades. They just stand out so much and you all know by now how much I love nails to be different and unusual. 188 more words


#THEGELNAILSFILES: the day after

Hello girls,

I’m here to talk about the problem the every girl has with the gel nail polish: when I remove it I find my nails really weak and ruined all the time. 173 more words


Micky Mouse

Disneynails ‘Micky Mouse’ , inspired by a design from @wannaknowasecret
On my ringfinger I used Maybelinne Crystallize-collection ‘Light Up’

Glamournailart 💕💕


Various things to know regarding the treatments for fungal nail infection

Fungal infection of the nail is also known as ‘Onychomycosis’. It is the most common ailment that affects the nail. Though a lot of people believe that it is only a cosmetic problem fungal nail infection can be very embarrassing and in extreme cases can have an adverse effect on a person psyche and a detrimental effect on their life. 340 more words