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Love these nails so much one thing is that you DO NOT need to use the liquid palisade around your nails anything will work! Hope you like this!

Try This At Home- Gold and White Triangle Nail Art!

Happy Friday, everyone! In honor of my favorite day of the week, here’s a fun and super easy nail art project to try this weekend! All you’ll need are two different colors of nail polish and some Scotch tape. 241 more words

Nail Tutorial: Lightning Bolts

We love this nail tutorial! We have been searching for a nail tutorial you might not have seen before and the great thing about the lightning bolt nail design is you can rock it in the winter or the summer! 67 more words


Pinterest Inspired Plastic Wrap Nails

Looking for an original nail tutorial?! Well look no further! I found the perfect DIY nails that you need to try ASAP! It’s called plastic wrap nails, but trust me, it looks a lot cuter than it sounds. 175 more words


Ombre tutorial

This is hopefully helpful! What she’s using is a makeup sponge to apply the nail polish you can get these at rite aid and grocery stores!

How to: Glitter Floral Nails

Hey guys, today I was feeling like spring is finally here! So, I wanted some equally cheery and bright nails to match.  This is what I came up with: 240 more words

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