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Leaving for an adventure of a lifetime.

This Sunday I leave for my first study abroad experience in a country I’ve always dreamt about, Japan. I will be attending the University of Nagasaki Foreign studies, where I will learn the language, culture, and lifestyle of the Japanese people. 101 more words


Apollo's Girl


Life Upon the Wicked Stage:
Extensions and Openings

An Octoroon (Soho Rep; at Theatre for a New Audience, Brooklyn). Extended twice, An Octoroon (Best New American Play Obie, 2014) must close on March 29. 844 more words


Hiroshima's Shadow 2: the key turning point

The great fear of General Leslie R. Groves, the head of the Manhattan Project, was that World War Two would end before atomic bombs were ready to use. 648 more words


In the last few days...

How is it possible that I’m leaving Japan in THREE days? Ridiculous! And, due to vague travel disorganization at the very start of the whole adventure I’m left with a total of four days to see ALL of Tokyo. 825 more words


Hiroshima's Shadow: crossing a moral line

Source: Professor Olsen@large

Seventy years after the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we live under the possibility that nuclear weapons will be used again—possibly but not necessarily by us Americans or on us Americans. 802 more words

War And Peace

An quote by Albert Einstein to think about

“If I had known they were going to do this, I would have become a shoemaker.” ― Albert Einstein on the A-Bomb pic.twitter.com/EliPTkF4B8

— Military History Now (@MilHistNow) March 21, 2015


Miss Japan Ariana Miyamoto (black American father) battles racism as critics complain haafu beauty queen isn't Japanese enough ... "face is foreign no matter how you look at it!"

Sydney Morning Herald: By most of the rest of the the world’s standards, Ariana Miyamoto is thoroughly Japanese.

The 20-year-old model is a Japanese citizen, a native of Sasebo in Nagasaki prefecture with an advanced mastery of the art of Japanese calligraphy, according to RockeNewst24, a Tokyo-based news blog. 119 more words