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Lolita (1962)

One thing that it is impossible to deny about Kubrick, and that is that he certainly has his own style. I read both A Clockwork Orange… 505 more words

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Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov

One thing is certain about this book: readers are not going to be delighted by its plot or characters. They’ll read the novel frowning continually, in a state of dissent. 246 more words


Сайн уншигч ба Сайн зохиолч

Цуут зохиолч Владимир Набоковыг “Лолита” романаар нь бид сайн мэдэх билээ. Гэвч түүнийг Веллесли Коллеж болон Корнеллийн их сургуульд Орос, Европын уран зохиол 18 жилийн турш зааж байсныг төдий л мэддэггүй.

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The Importance of Metafiction - Vladimir Nabokov's 'Pale Fire' and Alasdair Gray's 'Prometheus'

David Lodge argues that “metafiction is fiction about fiction”[1], or rather that it is about the process of creating fiction. It separates itself from other forms of literature in that it blurs the lines between the illusion of fiction and the clarity of non-fiction. 3,062 more words


Why beer may be worse than vodka. And prison camps.

My culture is on the verge of extinction; it’s dying an ugly death, I tell you. And it’s not because of Putin and his dictatorial regime (which may have added a twopence, too). 275 more words


The Lesson of Nabokov's Father

This summer I happen to be tutoring a young, upwardly mobile Chinese woman. In trying to explain to her, in the limited vocabulary of an ESL lesson, my understanding of democracy, I could do no better than cite the example of novelist Vladimir Nabokov’s father. 306 more words