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A Witches Remedy For Love

Moon bright, star light.
strong wrist, small twist,
ignore the darkness, ignore the mist

Stir, tap. Stir, tap.
Silver engraved spoon.
In the black, pale face loom. 195 more words

How much can be wrong in one article? "Smartphones making children borderline autistic, warns expert"

There seems to be a new Susan Greenfield or Manfred Spitzer, bring in Iain McGilchrist in this Telegraph article.

I think it lead do this tweets by Neuroskeptic: 599 more words


3 Myths about Intellectual Disabilities ("Mental Retardation") Pt. 1

People with an intellectual disability, which is popularly known as “mental retardation,” are PEOPLE foremost. They are more than just the sum of their disabilities. They are capable of a lot and can live very satisfied lives, just like you. 355 more words

Debunking Myths

On "Paper Love"

Don’t be fooled by the title. Or the pastel colors highlighting the type. Or the young couple posing for a photograph on the cover. Paper Love… 568 more words


Weight lifting lady

Before you get the wrong impression, let me get the record straight. I am not a gym fanatic. I am not interested in having the body of a weight lifter. 592 more words

Diet Myths and the truth: Diet Myth 1 Starving = Weight loss

Namaste Bonjour!

Its Saturday afternoon here and I was eating my peanut butter and apple snack and that led me to think on how smaller meals have helped me with the healthy life journey. 287 more words