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The Science of Getting Over It

Getting rid of the hangover really comes down to understanding how the body reacts to alcohol in the first place.

Alcohol is a diuretic — that is, it tends to increase urination, and therefore, … 421 more words

GOOD MORNING, SUNSHINE! You are so screwed.

The light coming in through the window is so … there. You’d kill for a glass of water but die if it came with food. Your guts are in full rebellion; whatever happens next is going to happen in the bathroom. 779 more words

There's no such thing as a normal family

We tell ourselves, often, that there is NO such thing as a ‘normal’ family.  That ‘normal’ doesn’t exist and that each family has its quirks.  We learn to accept the oddities as part of ‘normal’ family life.   756 more words


Ten REAL myths about scientists debunked.

Seven Ten REAL myths about scientists debunked.

By Bart Pander and Roel van Klink

Recently, seven “myths” about scientists were published on The Conversation, and subsequently reblogged by… 1,944 more words

5 Upholstery Cleaning Myths - Irvine CA

5 Upholstery Cleaners Myths – Irvine CA5 Upholstery Cleaning Myths -…

Myths and Truths

As noted before. This blog is about educating students about prescription drug abuse. Not only the type of abuse that can land someone in the emergency room or have negative effects on their health, but also the legal and crime related effects of abusing prescription drugs. 292 more words

Prescription Drug Abuse

9 things you worry about regarding falls that need to be put to rest.

When friend after friend approaches you with a new story about what happened to Susie after her fall walking out of church last night, or the mail man who had to stop working because of the amount of falls he had over uneven pavement, it is common to get overwhelmed and feel cautious about completing your every day activities. 831 more words

Fall Prevention