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Afternoon Post, May 29, 2015

I felt things then that I had never felt before and that no art or teaching had prepared me for. I was transfixed, and I ached in the way that, I would much later learn, unrequited lovers ache. 463 more words


Mythopoeia in The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Mythopoeia definition: The conscious creation of a myth; in literature, the appropriation and reworking of mythical material, or the creation of a kind of ‘private’ mythology… 354 more words
Neil Gaiman

Mid-day Post, April 15, 2015

Chapter Five

He turned again onto the road that had brought him to the schoolhouse and when it was out of sight he ached for it and pondered on its nature; what it was about that simple scene that had moved him so deeply.  160 more words


Morning Post, April 15, 2015

Chapter Four

(this post is a continuation of a story that I have written in segments on this blog.  if you have not read the other three “chapters” this post won’t make much sense.  310 more words


Review: The Riddles of The Hobbit

Review – The Riddles of The Hobbit | Jon Garrad – Academia.edu.

First appeared in Mythlore 124, Spring 2014-15.

This is not as plainly written as I’d like, but it was the first thing I’d done in years to which I was allowed to put my own name and so I’m still quite proud of it.


Midnight Post, April 6, 2015

Chapter Three

It was late in the fall and he knew that soon he would be returning home from work in darkness and there would be no more evening walks in the woods.   280 more words