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8x14: This Is Not Happening

“You believe in extraterrestrials?” — Dana Scully
“Let’s just say I don’t not believe. As I said, I try to stay open.” — Monica Reyes…
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The X-files

A for Adam's Apple / A for Adam's Peak

A is for Adam’s peak. Adam’s peak also known as Sri Pada is a tall conical mountain is located in central Sri Lanka. There is some unique mythos associated with this mountain of which I am mentioning two of them here. 239 more words


Arundhati - A character from Indian mythology

I will be mainly using this A to Z challenge, to renew my acquaintance with a few minor characters from the Indian epics.

Arundhati is an important character in Indian mythology. 324 more words


Novel Research: Mermaid Mythology and Siren Song

Whether fiction or nonfiction, literary or genre, something that consistently creeps into literature is that of mythology. Many, even the most scientifically-minded in our society, have a fascination with the epic stories of civilizations from humanity’s past. 188 more words


Titans and their ilk

Cyralost Compendium

Mythology: Titans and Their Ilk

Former residents of the Empyrean (Until The Great Betrayal)

The Minoch (Children of the Gods)

The Taylar (The Behemoths, including Dragon-kind) 11 more words


Miracles, Magic and Myth

One of the aims of this blog is to investigate myths, not just as fascinating stories, but for what they can tell us about ancient religions and ancient life in general. 533 more words