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Years ago I visited Delphi, the navel of the world, the prehistoric site in mainland Greece where ancient people worshipped mother earth or Gaia and later Apollo, whose instructions they heard from the Oracle through the priestess Pythia. 157 more words

Life In Plastic: Demon's Chronicle (Unboxing)

Hey, guys!  First up, I want to say that I’m sorry about the sudden lack of Figure Photos of the Day. My internet has been weird in the evenings lately, but it should be back to normal soon. 977 more words


Libra Development Artwork

Here are a few pieces of development work from my Final Major Project about Pseudoscience.  I decided I wanted to create pieces based on astrology containing symbolism and mythology. 230 more words


What Makes Humanity Interesting

A few weeks ago, I started readings book I’ve always wanted to check out. It’s called “The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell with Bill Moyers.”  510 more words


Three Basic Ways To Create A Mythos In Your Stories And/Or Comics

Surprisingly, I didn’t even really hear the word “mythos” until I was about seventeen. When I was seventeen, I read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “Sherlock Holmes” stories and quite a few of H.P.Lovecraft’s horror stories. 940 more words


stories change lives

In Greek, the word mythos simply means story

Some years ago I had a conversation with a man who thought that writing and editing fantasy books was a rather frivolous job for a grown woman like me.

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Ninjas as a Theme

Board games have a multitude of themes. Farming, pirates, zombies, civilization building… And don’t forget… NINJAS!

Ninjas have been a relatively popular theme in board gaming. 532 more words