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Samhain Spell: Warming the Hearth

This spell is best performed on the eve of the autumn equinox or on the eve of Samhain 1 May (Southern Hemisphere). It’s a spell that burns the past and creates room for new things in the upcoming year. 164 more words



Dash yourself upon the rocks

tear your skin and bleed

as you scrabble ever upward

to my hands lifted in supplication.

I reach for the skies… 117 more words

C. J. Jung on Belief, Reason, and Myth

One never possesses a metaphysical belief but is possessed by it.

Although our whole world of religious ideas consists of anthropomorphic images that could never stand up to rational criticism, we should never forget that they are based on numinous archetypes, i.e., on an emotional foundation which is unassailable by reason. 98 more words

The Myth of Romulus and Remus

Easter Quote Week continues…

21st of April 753 BC is the date traditionally recorded by Varro as the day when Rome was founded. It brings to mind the famous myth of the twin brothers Romulus and Remus, the alleged forefathers of the great city. 379 more words


Chinese Name and Chinese Language Day

Although 4/20 is more notorious for other holidays, the United Nations marks April 20 as Chinese Language Day
in celebration of Chinese as one of its six official languages. 201 more words


Under Foot.

Born from the canal, screeching and drowning,
Currents rise in fear to heed their crowning.
Made of symmetry and grave green scorched lines.
Our flesh is snatched to feed at gruesome dines. 111 more words

My Writing

A Hole in My Foot

I did a bit of hiking last Friday. And I had something happen that happens only very rarely.

I got a hole in my foot. 1,122 more words