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Land of Perpetual Summer

It was called “The Land of Perpetual Summer”. It is not that the Vampire Bat didn’t like that title for the city which did a lot for him during his middle ages. 530 more words


She's still warm

He was wearing his smile that evening and it suited him well.He put his hand in his pocket and grabbed his cigarettes.

Kiss me like you want a smoke and my lips are the lighter. 234 more words


Busting the myth of the writer's block

Just like any other myth, the infamous writer’s block myth needs to get busted and re-busted from time to time. So in this post you will read either something you’ve read before, had a hunch about but haven’t quite had the chance to put into words, or if it’s the first time you’re reading a post on this topic, then I hope you’ll find something that will get you “out” of that particular state you are trying to resist so hard. 538 more words


Filipinos Must Give Bangsamoro, or Else...

Ive been browsing the world web when I stumbled on these. I decided to snatch and reprint the articles than write about them, instead. I think they are quite intriguing. 925 more words


He Turned Himself to Become Their Enemy

He Turned Himself  to Become  Their Enemy

So many people  think they are saved  just because  they go to church,  take part  in church activities,  and generally feel okay  about their daily lives.     557 more words


After Garofalo: An Allegory of Love

The strange caped man in red swooping in, the lizard, the goat and the weirdly headed cupid all make this a great painting to draw from. 57 more words

Charlie Kirkham

Haiku I

death has been vanquished

rivers alive once again

flowers bloom spring buds