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Potato Of The Day Episode 69

Psst. Psssst. Hey, over here. No, no, shhhh! Be quiet. It’s not safe to speak right now. I’ll explain everything. Just don’t say anything yet. Not now. 410 more words

Potato Of The Day

In praise of Sisyphus

in the torment of Sisyphus
I think I find meaning
a presence of duty
perpetual motion
the tension of sinews
contracting, relaxing
the weight finely poised… 28 more words


Todays myth buster topic..... Is the sun really good for your hair?

With temperatures hitting 36oC this week in London, we are all feeling the heat and trying to absorb as much vitamin D as possible. But what are the effects of increased UV rays on our hair? 147 more words


Saturn Devouring His Son

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This is one of my favourite paintings. It’s unofficially called ‘Saturn Devouring His Son’ by Francisco de Goya, part of a series now referred to as ‘the Black Paintings’, never given official names by Goya. 557 more words

What She Wrote

Talasalitaan Mula sa Aklat ng Alamat ni Dionisio Salazar

Sampung piso na lang ang presyo ng librong “Mga Alamat at Kwentong Bayan” ni Dionisio S. Salazar nang mabili ko ito sa National Book Store. Nag-alangan akong bilhin ang aklat dahil: 217 more words


In the Daylight

Meet Myth, a growly motherphucker who prefers to haunt us in the harsh daylight of our existence.  Hold onto your mind and prepare for that three-minute swell.   …aaaaaahhhh.


SBIR Accounting Myth #4: It Is Too Expensive to Have an Adequate Accounting System

Not true. Oh yes, there are firms that will charge you a fortune to bring you into compliance and enjoy emphasizing and sharing your pain. The reality? 172 more words

General Accounting