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the stuff of dreams

In my dream, I am in a vibrant learning center, like the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Healing or the avant-garde middle school of my youth–spherically shaped with large open spaces. 402 more words


life is like that...

I wake up thinking about Kelsey.
She was my son’s favorite swimming teacher at the community pool.

Beyond her competency and kindness, I remember particularly liking her name because it combined both mine and my husband’s names–Kelly & Casey–which would have been the perfect name for our own daughter, if we had one, and if that name hadn’t already been a favorite of the man I loved before my husband. 379 more words


My Divine Invitation and Today

When I was about six years old I had my first divine invitation to know God while I lay on my back in the bed of a moving farm truck. 373 more words

nauseous with vision

i see shimmering wood floors

i hear music playing

i move across the room

a bright silk scarf brushes against my skin

I dance alone… 101 more words



In Puerto Rico I laid back in the water
Looked up and felt the heat
Pour down while the water
Held me up.
The kids played.

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The Flame In The Lotus: Poetic Musings On Amida

another day breaks on a favorite beach

As we walked down the path to Sand Beach at 5:15 this morning, this is what we saw. Loolie, Hershey, and me.

Then we kept going to the cove behind the cove. 394 more words

Ripening still

I want to tug only on those things that are truly ripe.
I want to let everything else take its sweet time.
(Virgo New Moon, Wise Harvest,  … 561 more words

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