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One and the same unseen spiritual principle

“This then is the special glory of the Christian Church, that its members do not depend merely on what is visible, they are not mere stones of a building, piled one on another, and bound together from without, but they are one and all the births and manifestations of one and the same unseen spiritual principle or power, ‘ 146 more words


Giving Ourselves To Other People

One of the paradoxes of the mystical life is this: that a person cannot enter into the deepest centre of themselves and pass through that centre into God, unless they are able to pass entirely out of themselves and empty themselves and give themselves to other people in the purity of selfless love. 6 more words

Note to a Young Father

I recently corresponded with a young Husband and Father who was looking for answers, and a plan, to be able to deal with the terrible tragedies which have taken center stage across the world and in our country.  1,276 more words

Charism Of Intercession

Black and Roman Catholic - Host: Dolores Grier and Noah Lett (audio)

Black and Roman Catholic
Host – Dolores Grier and Noah Lett
Dr. Dolores Grier and Noah Lett, an EWTN Theology Advisor, discuss in personal and historic terms the numerous ways the Catholic Church has successfully offered the riches of Christ’s grace to Africans and African Americans. 416 more words

07 Observation

Grace: Offer and Acceptance

Father Geiermann has these comments to make about God’s offering, and our accepting, grace:

“All who sincerely desire to know and do God’s will, both in regard to the choice of their vocation and the particular obligations of their state in life, have abundant means of grace to enable them to fulfil their part of the divine plan. 351 more words


The Mystical Body of Christ

I watched a very interesting talk by a Trappist monk, Fr. Thomas Keating, OCSO, which you can watch here. I highly recommend it. He is a man whose wisdom outstrips my own (and whose wisdom is born of that genius of monasticism–silent contemplation). 1,243 more words