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Here I am

A dervish was tempted by the devil to cease calling upon God, on the grounds that God never answered “Here I am.” The prophet Khadir appeared to him in a vision with a message from God: 32 more words


Just Penned!! - Skinned of my pride

I’m on a low in the love for Thee
For when I expressed my love
Thy lovers came to me

My words for you celebrated… 148 more words


Lovedrunk: An Ode to Rumi

By Adam J. Pearson

Oh Rumi–
Wise master of the Sufis,
Greatest of the mystic poets,
How well you write
In golden words that soar like birds, 739 more words

Apollo Path of Righteousness

We must always Fight
For what we believe is Right

The path is difficult and Long
But we must retain our values and be Strong… 80 more words


Circle of Five--in response to the Daily Post's Writing Prompt

I. favorite number
five; superstition dictates.
i am a child born
on the fifth day of
the tenth month, a multiple
of five. mystical.

Photo from HowardDavidJohnson.com… 72 more words


The Future

I didn’t write the sonnet assignment, the last one for Blogging University 201 Poetry. I dreamed about it. I had the perfect subject. The words resonated from somewhere into my ear. 143 more words


A Poem, "Mystic"


The wind-blown waters of
Rocky shores
Crash with violent rage
Against the morning mist of
Autumn’s dawn,
Rising above the mighty cliffs
A child’s dream, 67 more words