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Review: The Truth and Other Lies by Sascha Arango

Dark, witty, and suspenseful, this literary crime thriller reminiscent of The Dinner and The Silent Wife follows a famous author whose wife—the brains behind his success—meets an untimely death, leaving him to deal with the consequences.

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Mrs. John Doe, by Tom Savage *****

Tom Savage is master of the high octane, full-speed-ahead espionage thriller. Last year he gave us Penny for the Hangman, which kept me up late at night, and this year if anything he has improved upon it with Mrs. 427 more words

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"The Eternal was made in time, the Infinite became Finite, the Immortal mortal" by John Owen

But of all the effects of the divine excellencies, the constitution of the person of Christ as the foundation of the new creation, as “the Mystery of Godliness,” was the most ineffable and glorious. 420 more words


When an Author Has an Urge for Something Different

“I love your books! When is the next one coming out?” Music to a writer’s ears, to be sure.

But what happens when a writer has the urge to write something different than her previous novels? 407 more words


Special Gift : RIVAL [Chapter 3]

Special Gift : RIVAL

Author : Jinho48 & Erlina Park

Genre : Supranatural, Fantasi, Psikologi, Mystery, Angst, Romance

Cast :


Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 423) Wild Eyes

A gurgling giggle resonates behind Stephen and he quickly turns around but to his surprise, nothing is there. Looking back at Klara, her eyes still closed, she begins to shake violently in her chair and with a loud gasp, opens her eyes and mouth at the same time sucking in a breath of air. 161 more words


Darkest Abyss

Been around for billion years,

Wafting through immeasurable days,

Celestial bodies see me in fear,

Try to escape if you may.

Millions of stars circle around me, 72 more words