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"The Mystery of 31 New Inn"

R.A. Freeman, “The Mystery of 31 New Inn”.


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This ebook contains a detailed biography including all the publications of the Author and a brief biography. 228 more words

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Gone Girl (Book Review)

The love story of Nick and Amy is definitely one that is memorable, if anything else.

After too long of delaying reading Gone Girl, and the hype that surrounded the dark, gritty, messed up movie release over a year ago, I decided that it was finally succumb to the pressure, and give the acclaimed novel a read. 476 more words


Review of “The Taste of Fear” by Jeremy Bates

Published: 2012

Author:  Jeremy Bates

Genres: Fiction, Thriller, Suspense, Mystery

Available on: Amazon


“A gripping thriller wrapped inside the world of celebrities and terrorism… A must read” – Suspense Magazine… 439 more words


Change of Plans

About a week ago, I posted my May Goals. I’ve been checking back on that post every so often as its helping me stay on task with my reading, writing, and blogging. 298 more words


The Coffee Maker That Makes Me Write

Although I’ve lived in Seattle all my life and I rode the wave of Starbucks starting in about 1983, I still don’t drink much coffee. I’m not against it – I love the smell – but I genuinely don’t understand the love affair with espresso. 253 more words


Forensics Classes For My Sleuth

My mystery novel writing motto is: Whatever my sleuth needs, that’s what I need. And my sleuth needs to know more about Forensic Science. I mean, how can we solve this mystery together if we can’t… 173 more words

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The Summer I Turned Into Myself

We live life in the present moment, but we understand life only in retrospect. So, on that summer day, I didn’t know I was taking the first small step towards the revolution of everything. 517 more words