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Month of Loki: Day 6 - Part 4

I am about to read out loud to Loki (upon his request) Unnatural Lover by Mac Flynn, and I can already see Loki going, after I read the first short story book to him, “What do you get yourself into when I let you go off to spend time alone with Gwynn Ap Nudd for a week in the mountains?” 10 more words


A Lot of Wants

Sometimes I sit and wonder.
I tend to say things to myself.
Many of them not so pleasant.
My most reiterated conversation:
“I don’t want to go. 141 more words


Month of Loki: Day 6 - Part 3

Loki asking me to read to him HP Lovecraft out loud. My response, slowly look up, uncertain toward Loki. HP Lovecraft? I was thinking a romance novel over an erotic novel…but HP Lovecraft is a totally different genre than what I was thinking of? 279 more words


Some Quotes that helped me a lot

When I was a child a teacher of mine used to say this quote-

“The man who is the master of himself is truly free.”

153 more words

When You Remember

When one is gone, and buried it doesn’t matter how you are remembered. It is then the deeds that count in the next world.

https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/dont-you-forget-about-me/ 38 more words

Daily Prompts, Topic Ideas


Hello lovely people, so i joined Blogging 101 and i’m supposed to do a myself, tell everybody who am i ¬†and what i’m doing here, so let’s begin. 235 more words