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Why am I always sick?

Alright. I think it is about time I share with you guys why I am always sick and missing blog posts. This is a pretty sensitive thing for me to go into great detail, and in all honesty it’s terrifying for myself to go through and I’m so self conscience over it. 696 more words


A Letter To My Younger Self

Dear my younger self,

How are you, Wulan? Are you still juggling with your thesis?? Don’t be stress, I’m sure you can do it. Your thesis advisor, Mr.NJ, who’s also a prosecutor, is torturing you with many questions, isn’t he??? 479 more words


Part 5: Emotional Healing: Building The Inner Core

Triggers. I’m learning that that is what I hide in my deepest parts. Triggers. Reactions and feelings that seemingly come out of nowhere, except it’s not really out of nowhere. 1,307 more words

Menulis di Februari yang hampir habis

Hei Februari, mau kemana?

Awal bulan Februari ini saya mendapat notifikasi dari wordpress, bahwa sudah 6 tahun blog tercinta ini dibuat.

Blog ini hanyalah satu dari berjuta –atau bahkan lebih–¬†blog yang ada di dunia tanpa batas ini. 307 more words


Be grateful

Be grateful..yes,that is what I am always being reminded to. To tell you a story,I lost my new mobile.and yes,it was the new i phone 6. 437 more words


The Window

I awoke with a loneliness in my gut.

My face

Damp with tears I must have cried

In a nightmare.

I turned to my side… 48 more words

Things I Learned From my Mother

I was a peaceful child. Don’t get me wrong, I did all sorts of crazy stuff, from the moment I was born, until I was about 18 years old, which were enough to get me grounded, or avoiding my parents, at least once a month. 514 more words