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So wonders the wanderer

Passing through life,
going places,
getting somewhere,
or just moving forward.

As I keep walking,
with my eyes shut for a moment, I wonder,
have I ever really moved, 126 more words


My Heart

I have just found my little notebook, bound together. I named this book, “My Heart.”
I cannot repeat what I choose to write in My Heart, but I dedicated this book, which is filled with my love all over, to the Goddess of Love. 23 more words


A History on Choices

If I were to use my parents as a goal for relationships, it would mean a long history together, petty arguments and disagreements that lasts 5 minutes, the ability to work with each others differences, and good humor. 876 more words


I'm a poet

This year at my school, I had a chance to take a poetry class. Over the course of five weeks, my class and I had a real world poet… 472 more words


Reality For Me

What I really want

is to be myself with who

I’m with, with no qualms…

Christopher Rupley 2015


Myself, My Enemy

Spider-man : Green Goblin

Superman : Lex Luthor

Professor X : Magneto

In comicbooks there is generally a definitive enemy -a world in black and white, but in real life the world seems to be colored in gray. 443 more words


A decade of life!

  On March 30th was my birthday. I was very excited about it because the first decade of my life is finished. Read and look how I celebrated this once in a decade ceremony! 220 more words