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Self Portrait on Train

English wanker on a train

Wordless vigilante no longer 

(most of the time) 


Human and Useless

All those greedy bellies. All those juicy bodies just begging to be eaten. Forbidden fruits hanging from tainted trees. Indulge me in something extreme. Shower my eyes with kisses that taunt like a jilted lover. 584 more words


The Faithful Departed

An obsession with the past. So much so that the present slips through your fingers. It’s in the romance of the fall. The struggle of dancing with distant stars. 578 more words


I Will

will you keep out the sadness  (the days will always be warm) 

will you wrap me in imagination  (they’ll be no beginning or end) 

will you take me away from harm  (I’ll be you superhero)  12 more words


The Lights of Our Minds

A car alarm in the dead of night. Sleepless and wide awake. The town shimmers far below, it looks so beautiful from such great heights. The animals circle us as we dance. 332 more words


Days of Despair

between days of faith and despair

the clock counts down the hours until my next descent

on the edge of the bed the world falls apart… 75 more words


The Ties That Bind

You can’t change the world, just the same as you can’t change time. These feelings come and go. From despair to wonder in the blink of a lazy eye. 489 more words