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3 Things I'm Grateful For (Wk. 36)

Today I ate an entire block of chocolate, and you know what. I don’t care. In fact, the past few weeks I’ve been eating a lot of chocolate, and well, just being a lot less hard on myself about what I eat. 206 more words


3 Things I'm Grateful For (Wk. 35)

I have begun to feel guilty, to feel bad, about feeling so up and down of late. I mean, what is really that bad about my life? 318 more words



And Sundays are when I miss you most,

Well I think its Sundays,

But really it’s every day.

And the pain.

The squeeze,


Steady, 41 more words


3 Things I'm Grateful For (Wk. 34)

Sometimes I need to have faith and take on some of the advice that I give others (that’s you).

I often get so wound up in helping other people, that I forget to apply it to myself, and I feel like the worlds against me. 198 more words



And you’re in everything.

Everything I see,
everything I do.

My work,
the music I hear,
the food I eat.


And it’s like the world wants to keep reminding me you exist, 18 more words



Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be;
not now,
but maybe later.

For she knew in her heart that it was for the best,
to be seperate, 51 more words



And she knew,
that pain creates beauty.

For she was beautiful;
not for her looks,
or for the way she dressed.

She was beautiful from the scars, 37 more words