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Sea Request.

Coursing violently and silently,

Hinder the unforgiving self, please.

All are not as brave as you,

Retaining screams and pink cold knees. 58 more words

My Writing

I Have Returned From the Deep

So, I’m back from France after one and a half weeks of bliss: eating good food, learning interesting things and having a really pleasant, relaxing time not ripping my hair out over work – despite the hectic four days afterwards where I had very limited time and energy to pack all my things and drive 300 miles back to University. 288 more words



I finished the fourth Nightwish album (“Century Child”) for the cut out poetry project. I was lucky enough to see them perform the newest album, “Endless Forms Most Beautiful.” Meeting Troy, Marco, and Tuomas was exciting, since I’ve been a fan for three years.

My Writing

Free Stories from the Original Green Crystal Stories, 7

While I rewrite the stories that appeared in my 2014 book, The Green Crystal Stories, I’m offering the original stories here in chapter-by-chapter installments. In this chapter of “III” (the third short story in the book), Lenny Stevens reappears. 2,018 more words