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S: Stirring up Genre Stew

My debut novel, The Deathsniffer’s Assistant, is a classic whodunnit mystery novel. There’s a brilliant detective and her erstwhile assistant. There’s a gruesome murder. There’s a suspicious grieving widow, a conniving mistress, and a slimy creditor. 359 more words


How The Night Moves

She loves how the night moves

How it curls itself

Around her

Softly caressing

The inky, velvety black darkness

So still

So quiet

Whisper soft… 16 more words

My Writing

Your Sublime Arousal

She is your sublime arousal

Your instructions

Her wish

Her desire

Her need

Her want

Setting her aflame

With a look

With a word

With tone… 32 more words

My Writing

done: 105/365

My brain is fried.

But I’m finished with this draft. Will sleep on it and maybe fiddle with it in the morning, maybe not. And then off it will go to my agent. 75 more words

1 True Thing

To Overcome Grief.

I would have to say that my fears started with The Nightmare on Elm Street, when I was about five years old. I had been moving from foster home to foster home, and was never stagnant, never still, but constantly moving. 1,809 more words

10 zwierzęcych terrorystów

Mój tekst w Magazynie Focus

Wiewiórka Fot. Shutterstock

Są doskonale przystosowani do ataku, niewybredni, radzą sobie w każdej sytuacji. I sami ich sprowadziliśmy na nasz teren! 2,136 more words

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Waiting is the Hardest Part, Rejections are a Close Second - Story Submissions

I’ve been sending stories into magazines and contests again (after not even trying for about 4 years because I wasn’t doing anything with my writing during those years) and mostly it’s been a lot of waiting with the occasional rejection letter. 687 more words