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blue blazes: 53/365

When I sat down at my desk this morning, I realized I had forgotten to add a link to yesterday’s post on the 365-days page… 210 more words

Craft Of Writing

The Article

Hi all!

I recently had an article published with Charlotte Parent Magazine and I just wanted to express my thanks for all of the wonderful feedback I’ve received! 25 more words

In the Trenches: Tips for a First Draft

So I’m writing again, which is… awesome. Scary, always, but awesome.

But, as always, it means I’m in my head too much, constantly analyzing and worrying and working to psych myself up. 1,129 more words


Will You Be Friend.

“Hey wait!!! Shrestha!! Hang on a second!!!”

She whipped around, her green eyes burning with emotion though her lips were pressed in one thin line. 2,435 more words

My Writing

Define Pain

Pain by definition is

Physical suffering or

Discomfort caused by

Illness or injury

But I’d like to define

Pain as a terrifying

Call for help, returned… 68 more words


Flash Fiction Friday Post: Mean Girl

I wonder at times if my readers are interested in the writing process? I wrote this as part of a 3 day mini-workshop. This is the final step to the workshop, writing the opening scene to a story. 730 more words

Connie Cockrell

How to make a living as a writer

It wasn’t her real name, of course, but close enough. An author’s nom de plume. Still, seeing it at the end of the printed article gave her a thrill. 1,317 more words


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As the mother of three daughters who are writers, I just had to share Sue Vincent's beautiful post. Anyone else out there for whom writing is the family business?