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Every Day Love Dies: After

Are you one of mine?

Yes, I see now. You have his eyes. He too was blind.

No need for names. No need to bind a life in letters. 270 more words

Every Day Love Dies: 1968

Catch my begger’s reflection in Macy’s window display hawking colognes, cufflinks and cigarette cases. This fuckin culture. A parade of pre-paid promises. Cut your corpse to suit this week’s style, stink of the finest ambergris and pussy will swarm like blowflies to fresh excrement. 2,193 more words


I want to be held. I want to be held and comforted. I would like for someone to touch my head and caress my hair. I need a hug. 45 more words

My Writing

One Pot Hangover Cure 

After a challenging week trying and failing to juggle work and personal commitments, my housemate decided Saturday night would be the perfect time to get me drunk and take me to the SU. 178 more words

My Writing


I just know the man was younger than I.

And early last summer, he was healthy, or at least so he thought.

Today, I read his obituary in the paper.  1,055 more words


Monday Excerpt

Enjoy this small piece of what I’m working on:

Jack followed Sam into the next car. Dozens of hoops, rings, ropes and other animal toys lay around, looking as if they’d been used for a long time. 1,078 more words



This is a section from a short story preceding my ‘The Order Of The Sphinx’ series, where my young witches’ powers first awaken.  When I revised the first book, I ended up cutting out the entire beginning where they got their powers because the full plot really started months later.   2,110 more words