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Watching Moments

In those watching moments

Desire was built

Pixel by pixel

She came alive for him

She was light and shadows

His dancer in the dark… 14 more words

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She Smiled at Him

She smiled at him

And clasped his hand

Unaware of the tempest created

Within his soul

His need to have

All of her


With every hour… 19 more words

My Writing


In Columbia, the real world desperately needed Michelle’s attention again. This was a shame, because she had basically single-handedly organised our entire trip and driven us around and explained why high school kids took her on dates to gas stations (the answer is West Virginia, and it was a FANCY gas station) and why her shithead ex who also played the game might be wandering around her old college town still. 276 more words


I wanted to buy some crazy American t-shirts where eagles are made out of flags and carry a wingful of guns and underneath it says ‘Freedom’, so they took me to Walmart. 208 more words

Camp NaNoWriMo Day 3

The following day was hot and humid from the previous afternoon of summer showers. Keene rubbed a hand through his head, could feel his fur was so coarse and tousled that he jumped out of bed (where he landed with a thud because he didn’t get a new crate) and grabbed the pail from the bathroom, heading to the river before even grabbing breakfast. 1,647 more words

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Same Old

Same old, Same old, Same old, Sick of the same thing a different day. No changes just the same old, Deprived and striped of my happiness everyday. 139 more words


"The Love Song of the Schizophrenic" Part I

“The Love Song of the Schizophrenic” Part I

Beautiful fragments of my mind cast stained glass colors

and the monarch butterfly could not be lovelier than my auroral dreams. 117 more words

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