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One Woman

She had short, thin black and white hair. Her horn-rimmed glasses hid the color of her eyes. The outfit she wore was simple: an avocado green wool jacket, A light blue full skirt, with another skirt underneath it. 72 more words

My Writing

Summer Reading List

Summer is finally completely upon, for now it is July. Whether you curl up in your favorite chair during a rainy day, or pull out the new book of yours on the beach, we all have a summer book list. 310 more words

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Into the Woods

It has rained every day for the past week and a half, or more. There have been a few days of partial sun, but it never lasts for long. 394 more words

My Writing

Potential Cover Art, Vague Updates for Tomahawk and Saber, and Other Writing

Last weekend was a storm of writing, outlining, raunchy jokes, planning, beer, and an actual, literal storm.

So after doing some fun work with great friends, I thought I’d give just a quick update.  307 more words

Evan Ronan

A new book...a new beginning

Today is launch day for The Standing Stone – Silence is Broken. This is the second book in the Standing Stone series. It’s longer, faster paced and features the Goddess Ishtar. 253 more words

My World

Untold Delights

Within the space 

Of your words

I find untold delights

Your verse

Shakes me to the core

You tease me


Keeping me 

On edge… 16 more words

My Writing

Breathtaking Moments


It is the moments

The breathtaking moments

That steal our thoughts

That hold our hearts


They are the ones that are the most memorable… 24 more words

My Writing