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The Incredible Sulk

“You don’t seem stressed.”

“Have you been doing yoga?”

“You’re always so calm.”

“You want to know my secret”, he said over his shoulder as he walked away, “I’m always sad.” 65 more words

6 Beauty Tips Using Coconut Oil That Actually Work!

Hi, guys! Every now and then I contribute to a women’s lifestyle blog: lifestylebody.com. I recently did another guest post for them but this time it is about using… 183 more words

For Practice And Fun

scribe: 103/365

So today at 4:30, I finished reading out loud. Here’s a look inside my mind:

Saturday: 9 pages in 1 hour
Tuesday: 9 pages in 1/2 an hour… 167 more words

1 True Thing

Worlds Away

Fairy tales hardly ever come true for quiet girls. That is why Molly’s jaw dropped as she looked around her. Of course, this kind of fairy tale didn’t really come true for anybody, did it? 1,355 more words

Creative Writing

It's Time to See the Forest!

Finding Forest: ‪#‎WOW555‬ Story Time! Come vote for your favorite ‪#‎flashfiction‬ story! Head on over to Write on Wendy‘s place to read all the stories, choose your favorite and vote for it.


Story Scene

I’ve been bouncing around the idea to write a story for several months now, and I’ve finally strengthened my resolve to go through with it! Now, I’m sure I’m going to abandon it when schoolwork and exams get really tough, but for now I’m hoping to stick with it! 255 more words