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Who remembers the ITV Powergen Weathergens?

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After the ITV news had finished, the ITV weather report was introduced by a character that represented the weather that is being forecasted. 308 more words

My Work


Made this one today, I got to work on this one for a while before I started homework, In my opinion, this drawing is a little better than the one before this, but I don’t know. 22 more words

My Work

Quick Sketch

Sorry, I didnt have alot of time, I was studying for STAAR when i made this so its pretty bad. Anyway, If i post anymore this week, this is the quality you should expect! Sorry, standerdized tests suck!

My Work

Digital Collage- feedback session

This image was my first trial at creating a collage digitally in Photoshop instead of manually. I merged together two different images to create the background, and then layered the image of the boy and the hot air balloon on top to add more elements to the image and create a subject. 419 more words

Hand And Eye

the journey so far

I gotta say, keeping this blog has been an amazing opportunity for reflection. Especially here at the start. I want my readers to know where I’m coming from, so I’m having to take a look around, which is something I don’t do very often. 1,131 more words