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My Wardrobe: Let the Rain Fall Down

Spring has sprung: the flowers are blooming, the grass is growing, and the rain is pouring. Everyone knows that with the beautiful sights of spring comes the terrible nuisance of rain. 375 more words


Stop and Smell the Flowers

Spring vibes everywhere! The sunshine’s peeping back after these last few grey days, the grass is lusciously green, flowers are blooming, and their vibrant colors have got me coordinating my outfits with them (entirely thrifted of course). 157 more words


My Wardrobe: Pre-Work Style

Yes, you read the title right. “Pre-Work” is a thing – just like Preschool is. Pre-Work is the free time you get before you start a new job, and that’s what this outfit post is dedicated to. 407 more words


My Wardrobe: Feeling Hot

Guess who’s back?! I just got home from my vacation this morning, and I already want to go back! The warm weather was absolutely beautiful – I loved lounging on the beach, sitting by the pool, and shopping until I dropped. 577 more words


Boy Shorts

April 22, 2015. Such an off but not in a bad way kind of day. It’s partly due to the lovely sight of snow falling outside my window as I woke up (it is now spring if you didn’t know) and the fact that I had about three cups of coffee between 6-7pm the night before and couldn’t sleep a wink. 125 more words

Jireh De Jose

My Wardrobe: Summer Shopping Trip

Last night, I had a terrible nightmare: I was on a sunny vacation with my family at a beautiful summer resort. I was lounging on the beach in my bathing suit, soaking up the sun’s warm rays. 399 more words