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"What If?"

Dear World,

It is hard to imagine ourselves or this planet if something had not happened. What if there was no World War I or II? 149 more words

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Wishes Do Come True

Dear World,

I have a thing for wishes. I always spend my 11:11s wishing for something, whether it’s something I want for myself or for the world. 86 more words

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Welcome! Let's talk about bullies today.

So I hope you have your listening ears on and your open minds with you because I’ve got a lot of opinions. You may not always like my opinions, but they will always be from the heart. 1,042 more words

Bullies And Victims

What I'd do If I Had A Million Bucks

Just like most of us, every now and then I close my eyes for a moment and dream. And like most people, I imagine a situation where I’d wake up and find myself having a million dollars in the bank. 1,073 more words