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Proper insults

Time for a break from some serious matters. Also time to appreciate the most expressive English language. Often, a quotation could hide great wisdom. This is one I acquired from my father when I was a pup: ‘The dogs may bark, but the caravan moves on.’ That has been my operational guide during a most difficult life; and I do believe that I am sane, but also at peace both mentally and spiritually. 125 more words

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Opher's World - Some views.



I stand Full Square for living and wringing every last drop out of every second. I want a full life of fun, love and friendship. 118 more words



I wanted to address Same-ness and the relation to the identity crisis we are currently having in the US.

The problem is human nature’s desire for Same-ness.   242 more words


The 'Kids with Cameras'

Pursued as a hobby, serving as my passion, photography has indeed changed me. The real understanding though, of the power of those captured moments came only after I saw this documentary. 1,038 more words

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