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A must to avoid

Genetically engineered apples: Any way you slice it, a rotten idea -


The new genetically engineered Arctic Apple® was approved by the USDA on February 13, 2015, and like other GMOs it won’t be labeled and won’t have undergone independent safety testing — regulators will rely on the company’s own assessment that the apple is safe for human consumption. 135 more words

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Do you believe in magic?

One of the staff at my gym has Lupus.  As the Mayo Clinic defines it, “Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease that occurs when your body’s immune system attacks your own tissues and organs.” 348 more words

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Another brick in the wall

With several GM recalls under my belt for my 2006 Chevy Cobalt, I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop.

That shoe just might have fallen Saturday morning about 7:45. 185 more words

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Capital Punishment

I do not believe in capital punishment of any find, I do not believe it is a deterrent, and therefore the only purpose it serves is revenge. 161 more words

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I had too much to dream last night

Becky was our 1976 Mercury Cougar XR-7.  She was part of our family in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  Although she only had two doors, she was HUGE.  571 more words

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I've got you under my skin

It was only January 7, 2015 when I made a trip to my dermatologist to have a spot removed from under my right eye. NOT cancerous. 318 more words

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Here we come again. Catch us if you can.

Over the years, I have gone through several record collections.  You know, those old vinyl things that went around and around on turntables.  45s.  EPs.  LPs. 629 more words

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