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The "Hat" is almost gone

I was just at Walt Disney World last week and was able to get one last sight of the Sorcerer Hat at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The first picture was taken on 2/17 and the second was taken today.   91 more words

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Day Trip to Monaco| Vlog

Back in July on the second day of my little trip to Nice with Moana we decided to hop on the train and have day trip to Monaco! 27 more words


Norway 24/09-1/10/2014 PT 7

Early morning I thanked Jacob for his hospitality and company and headed towards the airport even though my flight was departing at about 7pm.

I learned there was a big climbing area 15 minutes walk away from the airport so I wanted to have a look at least. 260 more words

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Norway 24/09-01/10/2014 PT 6

The second last day of my trip, the weather finally improved and the rain stopped so I decided I take a walk in woods on hills just outside of Trondheim. 389 more words

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Norway 24/09-01/10/2014 PT 5

The intensity of rain decreased the next day a bit, so I found another climbing partner on Facebook to show me a local crag. However, it turned out Jacob has never been there himself and he only got very vague directions from his friend. 198 more words

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Norway 24/09-01/10/2014 PT 4

In the morning we headed in town centre for the mass, so we could see the inside of Nidarosdomen without having to pay entry.

The inside of the cathedral was just as impressive as the outside. 343 more words

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Norway 24/09-01/10/2014 PT 3

When our party arrived to Trondheim, we decided to visit the Nidaros Cathedral together before we part our ways.

Nidarosdomen is a really huge cathedral, it’s building started in the beginning of 11th century and it was finished about 150 years later. 169 more words

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