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The Future

As I was walking to class yesterday, I found myself thinking about the future.  I wasn’t sure why, but I was.  I thought about what I want to do when I’m done at Carnegie Mellon.  262 more words

My Thoughts

The Tunnel

I am in a tunnel.
It is dark in here.
Everyday I walk through, I pray that I am nearing the end.
Everyday in this tunnel, my thoughts analyze and re-analyze. 433 more words

Creative Compositions

My Thoughts: PRINCESS MONONOKE (1997)

Ever since I watched (and fell in love with) Spirited Away, I have been constantly told that there is another Studio Ghibli film that if not better than… 794 more words


13 things we learned from our trip to Japan #japantrip #traveltojapan

Apprehensive about his first trip to Japan, my husband, Bill researched the cultural dos and don’ts online. He did not want to offend anyone. However, after a long 24 hour trip, friends greeted us as we stepped off the plane and made us feel welcome. 590 more words

My Thoughts

Uber catches up like a wild fire!

Was reading an article in HBR today. It mentioned about  how Uber has opened up highly competitive taxi market..

” Consider how Uber opened up the transportation market. 286 more words

My Thoughts

Josh Duggar: A Chester? Or Age Appropriate Psycho-Sexual Behavior.

I’m the first to call a spade a spade and a chester a chester, but this newest Duggar Family Drama has me stuck on pause today. 716 more words

My Thoughts