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You Suck!

Potential Trigger Warning: This post contains references to thoughts of self harm.

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It’s been one of those days. Though I got up early and hoped to make my day productive, I didn’t end up getting out of bed till after 1pm. 679 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

Dream of Japan

First I wanted to name this blog “I love Japan”, but sadly this name was already used by someone. :( But then I got the idea to call it “Dream of Japan”, because I dream of living in Japan for one year. 747 more words


Stuff I’m thinking about today :

  • I tend to turn people, family, coworkers into enemies, people out to get me, get in my way, foil my plans.
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Apa Kontribusi Kita?

“aku tak habis mengerti, mengapa orang-orang gampang sekali mengata-ngatai pemerintah. Kalau bicara, sekehendak hatinya saja. Apa mereka kira gampang mengelola negara? Mengurusi ratusan juta manusia? Yang semuanya tak bisa diatur. 228 more words

My Story

Hello and welcome! Also, a brief word on myself.

Can you pinpoint the age you were when you realized something was not quite right? I was eleven and a half, and had recently attempted to contact the Kid’s Helpline, only to dial the number and hang up frantically when an actual real human being answered the phone. 1,083 more words


Let's stay curious about myself

Living a life is about getting to know more and more about myself. I think this is why life is an adventure—not because you visit exotic places or try extreme sports, but because you keep discovering parts of you that you didn’t even know about. 50 more words

My Story

Conversations with Aurora (Session One)

The following is a conversation I had with a Guide & Friend :)

Me: Aurora, are you ready for this?

Aurora: I am my friend, it’s been a while since we have communicated like this. 1,245 more words

My Story