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Burning Books

Family holidays are the worst. Well, not really, the last time I went to see Mum and Dad I had a wonderful time. We laughed, we drank good-ish wine, and mum gave me epic portions of banoffee pie. 977 more words

Soul Food

best ever grain-free Anzac biscuits

It’s Anzac Day this Saturday, and a very special 100 year Remembrance Day for all of the men and women who fought and served at Gallipoli in World War I. 387 more words

My Story

The Christian Left

I’ve been stung recently by a couple of comments from other Christians, which implied that my political views were un-Christian. I am a Christian. I love Jesus, trust Him with my now-and-forever life, and attempt to follow Him. 1,429 more words


Living without food as a crutch

You know how people sometimes lean on alcohol to be social on nights out? I used to feel that applied to me with food. I’ve been toying around with the idea of writing this blog for a while now, and I’ve made numerous attempts to type it but I always seem to lose my words whenever I want to write it all down. 701 more words

finding out about the abuse

I remember very little from my childhood, but I always felt a feeling of resentment towards my father. He was very manipulative and fed us constant lies about my mother. 629 more words


Fifty Shades Of Grey, Kejawen, dan Masa Lalu

Melihat postingan blog jaman kuliah, tulisannya panjang-panjang. Bahkan berencana mau bikin trilogi. Eee sekarang nulis dikit udah capek. Kalo gini caranya, gak bisa ngalahin trilogi Fifty Shades of Grey :p… 96 more words

Mama Speaks

the beginning of my story

I want to begin by telling you a little bit of my story. It began when I was just 6 months old. My parents got divorced, leaving myself and my two brothers from what many call “a broken home”. 115 more words