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The Stranger

The light of the sun blinded me for a moment when the guards opened the back of the carriage.

“Get out,” shouted one of the guards, “one at a time.” 123 more words

My Short Stories

All Things End in Fire

The empress is a living goddess.
That is why when she said the galactic enemy will not attack our world the public believed her.

But the generals knowing that the enemy have attacked almost every world in the western spiral arm for their resources, created a secret Black Ops team. 82 more words

My Short Stories

No Surrender, No Retreat

A black sleek ship races through quantum-space, it groans and shakes as the stress of the speed is placed upon the hull.

The whine of the engines grows louder as they are pushed beyond their safe limits. 381 more words

My Short Stories

New Life

A deer walks towards a lake, its head moving back and forth, its ears twitching looking and listening for any hint of a predator. As the deer bends its head down to drink from the cool water, an arrow hits its side. 330 more words

My Short Stories

Back In KU

So I bit the bullet and added most of my short stories back into Kindle Unlimited.

(If you have a subscription and nothing else to read, feel free to pick one of ’em up. 437 more words


If my time was limited...

Impatiently waiting for her Nespresso capsule to transform into a fresh cup of coffee, a colleague of mine looks at me and suddenly asks me: “If your time was limited and you were only to live until the age of 50, what would you be doing? 197 more words

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