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Submission feels good, m'kay?

Hah! Got you there. You thought it was a BDSM site. Nah, I’m not into that kind of submission. Ew. Each to their own. Aaaanyhoo. 432 more words

My Research Journey

The job hunt begins in earnest!

I am well aware of the futility of that statement. As a woman in her mid-forties, walking into a new job in any field is near impossible. 257 more words

My Research Journey

My sole-authored article is being published in an academic journal!!

My words, my study. My sole-authored publication. I’m a tad chuffed. I’ve written a PhD, I’ve co-edited a book on singing, I’ve even published articles with others. 402 more words

My Research Journey

Doctor, Doctor, give me the news!

And the news is…drumroll…

I am now a Doctor of Philosophy. Apparently I was conferred last week. Who knew?!

I just got the letter today asking me to confirm my mailing address. 205 more words

My Research Journey

Misery guts

I’ve been a bit of a misery guts lately. Something to do with not having anything to do bar go to work teaching singing 4 days a week, and feeling too shitful to clean the house or make nice crafty things. 170 more words

My Research Journey

D Day awaits

Oh. My. God. The waiting. I received an email this morning telling me that once I had followed a series of complicated instructions to the LETTER I would be conferred in my degree. 128 more words

My Research Journey


Well, (you know, I’ve learned I frequently begin my sentences with “well”, or “so”, and I keep removing them so it doesn’t become boring). Let’s start again. 264 more words

My Research Journey