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Precious Tea Get Together

My younger girls and I were invited to the most wonderful tea.

This beautiful young lady whom we love dearly hosted this event.

She was so excited to have gotten her own set of china!! 153 more words

My Ramblings

Bat caves...

I’ve got to the point in the picture book that requires me to create a bat cave… But I’m suddenly at a lose on how to continue. 101 more words


My views on Faith, Church and my Cancer

There is so much that goes along with having Carcinoid syndrome/cancer. The frustrating thing is the fact that not any two people with this have the same symptoms, or have the triggers for symptoms. 707 more words

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THANK YOU!!! Blog Promo For You!

I just reached my 100th follower!!!

As promised, I would like to thank those of you who have supported me in some way.  Whether you are a new blogger, you comment here often, enjoy what I have to say or think I’m a loon, here is your chance…. 85 more words

My Ramblings

20 Week Scan

Ok, so I’m a week late posting, sorry. Last Monday we had our 20 week scan which is known as an anomaly scan. The sonographer checks for defects and problems with organs and ensures the placenta and cord are formed correctly and in the right place. 382 more words

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April is child abuse month

This is cause very near to me and my daughter. And I wish we could stop child abuse, stop rape and molestation. End all the violence in these child lives it is so sad and disheartening to see a child that has been abused and shamed their life. 327 more words

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Bi Polar - Depression -Adhd

Yeah wow so many of these things exist in society and have family whom have it and have a daughter whom has it also. I feel like with growing up with so many people whom had these problems I have a little taste into. 663 more words

My Ramblings