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I stand here, feet sunken in the sand,

water persuading my body to the ocean.

When I am in this state I know

that the water is my home and the days… 7 more words


This Bliss

When I am here I forget.

I forget my troubles and worries

Because I come to know myself be the shore.

I come to understand who I am and where I’m going. 14 more words


I Have Wanted You

I have wanted you
the way the dry summer earth
envisions the autumn rain;
I have wanted you
the way the brown autumn leaf
envisions herself sleeping in the warm womb of the earth; 125 more words


Letter March 02, 2015

It is the thought of you, beloved, that keeps this poem going, silently burning for the day when your scent would seep into my pores, etching your fire into my bloodflow, the very ground of my soul. 53 more words


My True Purpose

So, unmistakably, I’m different anyway

not wanting to earn a living

off my mediocre prose or poetry

not wanting recognition or friendship

or any kind of personal glorification. 106 more words



I keep hearing silence on the doorstep,
freezing memories like they are all
I am made of now.
They must think this is saddest.
I don’t— only if I could tell them that. 59 more words


Four Of Two

The thing about exile is
that it answers a lot of questions
solves a lot of problems

one condition

one condition

I’d chase you to the moon and back… 26 more words

My Poetry