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Ink Blot

Holding up inkblot: “What do you see?”

“A man”

“A man?”

“Yes. His arms are held out,

bent at the elbows,

dangling unnaturally. 37 more words



What is this silence;
that calls to mind
warrantless expression,
that fills one’s soul
with yearning oppression?
What is this stillness;
which, in its wake, 92 more words


I'm Busy

I am busy. Oh, so busy. I’ve no moments left to spare
Except for text, or email, or a voicemail from somewhere.
I live my life at a full run. 105 more words

My Poetry

Dark Night of the Soul - Secondus

When you drench your bed with weeping. When your mourning makes loud dole.
When your groans exceed your sleeping: ’tis the Dark Night of your Soul. 168 more words

My Poetry

Beauty, Writing. Illusioning and Disillusioning

Once I burned every story I had ever written. Literally. Then deleted the files. Or, I suppose I should begin in another place: I used to write stories. 1,767 more words

Theological Aesthetics

As The Sun Goes Down

I watch with you as the sun goes down

And though we watch together, we each watch alone

And the sun shines in two different minds… 107 more words


Thawing Out My Heart

Your loving heart radiates like the warm summer sun. Bringing me back from a place that was once cold dark and lonely.

– Ivy Willcox