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Her touch,
I thrash and quake
As she brings me close,
Release denied
Yet again

My Poetry


Voice breathes
Filling my ear
As we lie together
Listening to
Summer rain
Through the screen,
Sweaty and damp
From lying
Next to you

My Poetry


The valley spreads
Revealing the rose between,
Pleasure delivered from
My tongue,
Her arms pulled back
Submissive and open,
Feeling her press back
In time with her… 17 more words

My Poetry

Fourth of Forever

it didn’t take long

to realize

that sleeping in the bed

each night

with my own independence

was far more comforting

than your silence.

And my courage… 14 more words


Of Silence, Of Sorrow, Of Now

There is music in silence;
nonesuch ‘ere to be heard,
but in the echoes of night,
in the rage of coming dawn,
’tis a melody of perception. 55 more words



Whose Declaration?

Whose independence?

Not woman.

Not slave.

Nor landless persons.

And not the Indians

Called Savages

Called Murderers

Called Merciless.

So it was in the beginning, 33 more words

My Poetry



My head on her lap, I see her
With my lips on her hand, I kiss her
Blood with soothing cool wave runs
Oh how lovely is my mother

A sacred body, the sublime whole
Immortal she is, so I supposed

The age brings truth in eyes
Death comes, then her heart is iced
My world shatters, my heart cries
She was not immortal and divine;
But a human being bound to die;

And my heart cries, aches, and whines
With my head on her heavenly lap
and my gaze on her dove-like eyes

I want to cry

For I know
that one day
Like my mother, 
all my friends and family shall DIE



like the letter "I" shall always remain alone
now this is what I am, and this is all I know