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The sunlight creeps into the room, like a thief in the night.
Her position is pitiful.
Can’t be free when it’s her time.
Can’t be free overtime. 84 more words

My Poems

O' eyes

O’ eyes!
Overflow with pure tears in humility,
Spill profusely for the One who crafted you ever so meticulously,
Let rain your cloudy ducts to
tenderise my soul with sincerity

My Poems


اذا الشعب يوما اراد الحياة

فلابد ان يستجيب القدر

باذن الله

الشاعر أحمد الناعوق

My Poems

Toying With You

One’s heart would be black,
To induce a cardiac—
With cats’ life-sized rat.


Everyday Poems


Peripheral lights
Something Someone Somewhere glimpsed
Feeling for doorways


Old School

Paperbacked Jane Eyre,
Dumped for the new “books” app, but
Solitaire trumps her.


Everyday Poems