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After a morning on the road,
in the PM I set to my
desk and–just like that–
a present starkness.
Intravenous and heavy.
Like weather. Unbearable; 56 more words

Tale of Woe

Books I don’t finish,
Can’t compare to the Classics—
They’re all epic fails.


Everyday Poems

On the birthday of Panpsyche, Panhyle, and Paneros


When body and soul come together truly,

when there is no separation between them,

it is Love which is engendered and given birth.

Self needs no other if other is also self; 59 more words

Holy Days


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She was built with words.
Her strength was in numbers.
Her allegiance to the roots of all
She encountered.
She never felt happy, truly satisfied… 79 more words

My Poems

A Harey Bum

All puss up front, but
Lift Charlie’s tail, you’ll glimpse his
Bunny-faced backside!


Everyday Poems


My fifth grade math teacher,
Ms. Hadley–well before the
technology to confirm it–
predicted that, in some
future time, a human
would be comprised of little… 107 more words