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Moments I Knew I Loved Him.

The first time he was excited to show me a talking parrot.

Everytime he calls me ‘love’ which is so often I forget it’s not my name… 284 more words


I had thought that for once winter had intervened on my behalf, keeping me in one place, giving me time to plead my cause. But I have never heard the wind sound so cutting. 218 more words

My Own Composition

Field of Dreams

Sitting in the field has never felt as fresh as it did today. After living cautiously in the city for half of her whole life, it’s nice not to choke on the very air that sustains one’s self. 356 more words


Ducks on a Dock

Harmony and her duckling friends Jester and Bart were on a trip to a nearby pond called “The Lake of Loath”. Jester and Bart had both been to the lake before and taken the plunge into its waters. 154 more words

My Own Writing

My own writing



One sunny day I decided to go out and take some pictures for my photography class. Everyone at school gets to choose one of their classes and I choose photography. 193 more words

My Own Writing

The Secret of Ducks

The duck leader watched from afar. Good, he thought. The potion has worked. I have 5 minutes to get out and start my research on humans before the ducks snap out of their trance. 72 more words

My Own Writing

The Reaping Realtor

 He looks at me deviously and from the expression on his face I have no doubt that he is hooked. “I already know where I’ll build it.” He says, mapping out the whole of the beautiful vast grasslands. 155 more words

My Own Writing