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(Almost) Spring and (almost) time for Story A Day May

At the end of April, it should be spring. But this year (in Ottawa), we have what can only be described as mixed signals.

Today, it will go up to 9C (they say) and that’s a lot warmer than it has been over the last few days. 457 more words

My Own Writing

The Most Difficult Puzzle: A Modern Sonnet

The most difficult puzzle in the land,
You too can solve it with your own two hands.
It has eight corners, twelve edges, six sides. 84 more words

My Own Writing

Ode to Cup

Made in China, but relocated here,

Your sturdy features and perfect physique

Can compare to no other cup.

The reflected light dances with the foreground; 98 more words


Ode To Clown Nose

They make me smile

They make me laugh

they last a while

they’re like a friend

it hugs my nose

and keeps it warm

My own disguise… 40 more words

My Own Writing

Unknown Worth

As many that have been broken can tell,

To feel and express is a massive plight.

Large investments are not often done well;

Expecting reward is an oversight. 75 more words


More than a Meal

The juicy, tender, steak went down my throat,
Now I enjoy some perfectly done fries.
The wonderful taste makes my body float,
Food is how to escape troubles and lies. 86 more words

My Own Writing

The Hate Of Bullies

 We think of problems in the break of dawn.

It reminds us of the problems now

It makes us feel like we are being torn… 94 more words

My Own Writing