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Aftermath of the Tell-Tale Heart

Man Arrested after Attempt of Concealing Murder

January, 1843: A middle-aged man was sent to questioning after violently ordering on-site officers to tear the floorboards of the crime scene, and promptly confessed to the murder of his elderly residential partner. 340 more words


Story A Day May: Days 19 Through 21

I haven’t posted on my Story A Day May progress in a few days, so this will be a bit of a catch up post. (My spring allergies are in full swing and I have been feeling gross and exhausted. 268 more words

My Own Writing

Honey, Good Bye

“I hope you don’t take this the wrong way darling, but I have decided I am going to leave you,” says Patrick. Mary blinks. She opens her mouth, and closes it again. 156 more words

My Own Writing

To finish or not to finish? A mini-review of the first half of Austenland

I grew up with the belief that one always finished reading a book once started. Always.

It was not until I was in my thirties that I was able to let that go — and by that time I had spent far too much time reading books I wasn’t really enjoying or appreciating in any kind of aesthetic way.  562 more words

My Own Writing

Story A Day May: Days 17 and 18

(I posted this late last night and accidentally posted it on the wrong blog (a work-related one instead this one). Oops and why one should go to bed a little earlier…) 187 more words

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Story A Day May: Day 16

I am not quite finished with writing the backstory stories for the characters in my novel, but today I did something different. One of my main character’s key traits is her attachment to a children’s mystery series from her childhood. 117 more words

My Own Writing

Story A Day May: Day 15

Today’s prompt was to write a story in the first person and I did so. I guess I have been writing an awful lot of third person lately, because I found I kept slipping back into it. 258 more words

My Own Writing