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An oversized shirt with straight jeans makes a pretty awesome outfit. I would usually have buttoned up the shirt right to the top but this time I left the top few buttons undone, just to try something different. 45 more words


The Stan Smiths

Firstly, my apologies for the hiatus.Last week I was pretty unwell and couldn’t do any shoots.Now feeling much better!

On a lighter note, I am learning to find a new peace with my height you guys.Being short can be a bit intimidating, especially when majority of those around you are always in heels as if their being 5’7 + isn’t enough.Well, I have accepted it and decided to wear all the flats whenever I feel like it.So on this particular day, the Stansmiths in white made me feel extra short but extra cool!Heels for who?!



Adidas Stansmith – Here

My Outfits

Three Little Waves (Giveaway!)

After editing these photos, I’m now totally seeing what all the fuss was about with that black and blue (or white and gold, whatever) dress “issue”. 265 more words


My Emilliner

I always enjoy Derby season in Indy. There are so many wonderful events that call for a hat! I decided to wear one of my most cherished hats to the Decorators’ Show House Designer Tea event. 64 more words

My Outfits!

The power of "little victories"

This particular outfit almost didn’t make the blog because the sun messed it up. However after some editing it turned out alright.

The cardigan is from h&m for just £7.99 which is awesome, it’s really light and the length of it is perfect. 161 more words


Today's Outfit: Denim on Denim

Todays outfit has me going to class at The Fashion Institute of Technology! Despite the name, denim on denim can look pretty nice together! From the looks I have seen the denim combinations are too obvious, but with my outfit the denim on denim may not even be the first thing you think of. 113 more words


Seeing Double or Simply How To Mix Prints

Well as you may have guessed from the title ( and the pictures :P ) the prints are back. As much as I am into very minimalistic looks as of late, the real print-lover inside me, comes out to play once in a while. 161 more words