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White-Night Dreaming

A blanket of white drapes the land in mystery,

night turns to day, and days into endless wondering.

In a land void of color there is only black and white, 216 more words

Lost In La-la-land

It’s crazy and mad, but Holden and I both see life as it really is: crazy and mad.

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How can everyone be happy?

How can everyone be happy? Do they not know about hell and all the bad things. Is it just me who is like this? My body begs me to get some help but my brain rejects all the time. 444 more words


Scorched Earth

I am owed no rewards
No heartfelt words
On this somber, day of days

For I’ve fallen
Far from peril’s reach
Stripped bare, and in want… 49 more words


The Promise of a Pizza

This is a true story about something that happened to me a few months ago.  Afterwards, I could not get the incident out of my mind. 578 more words

Lost In La-la-land

It doesn't matter if you are Dead or Alive Неважно, Мертв или Жив Ты

“It doesn’t matter, if you are dead or alive if you don’t have the right understanding” – was one of phrases pronounced by Monk U Ottamasara… 278 more words


Idealistic cynic

It’s a strange feeling not writing anymore. I have so much to write and so much to say and yet no will to say anything at all. 111 more words

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