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Menikmati Kesendirian


Akhir-akhir ini banyak sekali melihat postingan undangan pernikahan. Kebanyakan dari angkatan atas, sih. Kalau dahulu saya sangat excited dengan yang namanya pernikahan. Kalau ada postingan orang yang kita kenal mau nikah, pasti deh, heboh. 319 more words

My Mind

What my heart wants

I love the idea that there more to life than we know or understand. I love the way my brain seeks out patterns and meaning. … 155 more words

My Mind

Daybreak's Bitter Welcome

Looms in the air
A thick
Unwavering menace

And daybreak yields
Few songs of comfort
Its bitter welcome
Seeping slow
Into my desperate form… 30 more words


Unequally Yoked

One of the things I want to rant talk about is the label of being “unequally yoked”. I think this is a horrible and hindering idea. 739 more words


Rabid Denial

The warmth of former years
Dulls away
With each broad
And boastful stride

As I prowl the open fringes
Harbored by dreams
Enthralled by eras lost… 26 more words


Finding The Real Lundie

Figuring out what I really think, what I really believe, is a pretty tough path lately.

Actually, it’s not figuring it out, but owning it that is the hard part. 258 more words


A Prowling Refrain of Death

Slipped away
From the shackles
Of their cold
And death-stricken lips

With frayed resolve
In the fading gusts
By the iron folds of sleep… 34 more words