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Why I Regret “Waiting Until Marriage”: Purity Culture Explored

I was raised in what many people refer to as “purity culture”: I was taught that abstinence was the only acceptable way to live, I was encouraged to wear a purity ring and “save myself” for marriage. 1,330 more words


Paying to get my butt handed to me!

So it’s been two weeks since I started my Crossfit Journey! Huge accomplishment right!!! While on vacation in Texas I decided to workout at my sisters box in Victoria. 525 more words

Changing Our Minds

Change is healthy and necessary. To be able to change our minds about something when we’re presented with new information is a mark of maturity and wisdom. 432 more words


Worship Service "Highs" Explained

After 20+ years in church and many, many, MANY years of participating in incredibly intense and emotionally charged worship services, I’ve learned that this kind of musical experience is not unique to Christianity, or even religion in general. 401 more words


OMG! It's Official: I Have A Pre-Teen!!!

Since March started my Sweet Little Princess has been talking about her birthday, constantly…non-stop! Counting the days…how can I loose track? I’m reminded of it every single day. 358 more words

My Journey

Lessons from Facebook

I think Mark Z. and his crew have created a new algorithm for Facebook – a teaching algorithm.  That is certainly how it felt this past week.  477 more words

My Journey

Things I'm Simply Not Sorry For

Ferguson Protest Commentary

I experienced quite a bit of online bullying, threats, and slander as a result of a group of guys not liking my messages about Ferguson. 776 more words

My Journey