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This morning I woke up bright and early diving across the bed like an Olympic swimmer going after the gold, only to belly flop on my poor husband who was off last night. 362 more words

Too Hard on Myself

It’s been a while since my last post due to not stay true to the course I set for myself. And this isn’t the first time this has happened. 488 more words

My Journey

Gains at Starbucks?

Who knew you could gain some muscle at Starbucks? And I’m not talking about the possible high protein count in some of the drinks.

A few days ago, my mother brought to my attention that my right forearm (just above my wrist) was a little bigger than my left forearm (for a left-hander, that’s a little strange). 88 more words

My Journey

25 Things to do instead of snacking

This year for Lent I set a goal to give up between meal snacking. Since then I have modified to to just eliminate non-fruit or raw vegetable snacking. 301 more words


Dissociation. My angel.

I’ve been ill the last few days.┬áThankfully it is over now, but I can tell you, grounding is very difficult when you wake at all sorts of time and day and night, not knowing where you are. 238 more words

My Journey

Mudfights and Kayacking

What started out as a simple and solo trek turned into an unexpected and unforgettable day.

As I was walking barefoot along the riverside, I heard loud music coming from somewhere near by. 309 more words

Being Whole

Lately, inspiration has been so fleeting. It comes, teases me for a moment, then leaves me behind with a half finished paragraph that almost makes sense. 1,982 more words