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Variety is the Spice of Life

It’s hard to be faithful. Isn’t variety the spice of life?

That’s what Jake had always thought – at least until he’d met his Angela. 652 more words

My Fiction

Realignment, pt. 2

That summer, Mac and I got jobs together at a fast food joint. We needed cash.

Abby was hard into the college search already, plus she was getting two allowances, one from each parent, at this point. 2,342 more words

My Fiction

The Cruelest Month

“Humans are right. April is the cruelest month.”

“What’s wrong, Snagthistle?” asked Thornbriar.

“My numbers are down. You know how He gets when we don’t meet our quotas.” 108 more words

My Fiction

Boys Will Be Boys

From the start, Enid realized there was something not quite right about Ralphie, but her husband, George, always looked the other way, saying “Boys will be boys.” 130 more words

My Fiction

Realignment, pt. 1

I have some really good memories from before.


I met Abby in the seventh grade. I don’t remember when exactly, but that was the year all the school zones got realigned, so we ended up at the same middle school. 2,146 more words

My Fiction

The 777 Challenge

I was recently nominated by the enchanting Alex of the blog Valourborn to join in the 777 challenge, and—what can I say?—I’m a sucker for anything involving numbers. 358 more words


An Experiment in Serialisation on Wattpad

I have decided to try an experiment with my novel The Sleeping Angel by publishing it in weekly instalments on Wattpad.

I’m planning to publish a chapter (or around 2,000 words) every Friday. 140 more words