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The Man with the Good Heart

Rotund and jolly, George Hurt always greeted friends and neighbors with a booming laugh and a funny story.

On Sunday mornings, George and his wife attended the Water Street Baptist Church, where George cooed over newborns, sang hymns with gusto, and gave generously when the collection plate was passed. 98 more words

My Fiction

Plotting and Planning: Shadow Strings.

I’m currently writing Shadow Strings book three in my dark urban fantasy series Wyrd Bound. Now, I was a pantser, and it was beautiful and wonderful. 1,054 more words

Urban Fantasy

A prospect of space opera

I might have mentioned once or twice I have a new space opera out, A Prospect of War. And since books apparently don’t market or sell themselves – big publishers have whole departments to do that, or so I’ve been told – I felt I’d better wibble on about it a bit. 1,126 more words

Science Fiction


When he reached for me, I knew that I was doomed. I was doomed because he knew the hold he had on me, a painful and pleasant hold that I did not want to let go of. 175 more words


Prison Diary: Entry 1

I remember the first time he appeared. I had just stuffed my husband in his casket, drawn up a cloth to cover it and walked away. 254 more words


Ana: The Dreamwalker - Short Story Scene.

Ana is a secondary character from book 3 in my dark urban fantasy series Wyrd Bound. I’m currently writing the first draft, and I thought I’d introduce Ana to you. 1,087 more words


Why Fantasy?

When people ask what I write, I almost always say science fiction. I almost never say fantasy, even though in many ways fantasy is my first love, going all the way back to reading… 385 more words