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Craftsman requirement number One

For craftsman requirement number one it says to “Explain how to be safe using the tools you need for this badge.”  There many, many tools you can use to make things and it is important you always keep them nice and tidy otherwise you could have an accident.  122 more words

Owen's Top Ten

In the almost 8 months of little man and I getting to be home together I have found that Owen definitely has his own list of favorite things. 814 more words


11/1/13 - Harnessing Transcendental Experiences as Inspiration For Life, at Sat. Night Sangha

In this talk, I explain my views on transcendental experiences and the various benefits they tend to bring forth. I then share several different methods for harnessing transcendental experiences, and use a Hafiz poem to anchor my points. 24 more words

My Favorites

7/13/15 - Identifying Personal Truths that Lead us to Fulfilling Lives, at Saturday Night Sangha

In the following presentation, I share some of my Postmodern and Buddhist viewpoints on identifying and implementing personal truths to guide our lives towards more fulfillment. 21 more words

My Favorites