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Chinese bento

Thank you so much for your sincere condolences.
I feel little bit easy now. My wife were really worried that
I might have a pet loss syndrome because I kept watching… 140 more words

My Everyday Life

R.I.P., my dog

My dog, Peko, just passed away this morning. My mom called me last night, “You have to be ready to accept her death and it will be soon. 121 more words

My Everyday Life

Hong Kong style chow mein

I often make this dish to use up leftover veggies.

悪くなりそうだったので、五目やきそば。 もやしとキャベツは
ゴミ箱行き。 今日のあんかけのとろみは俺が担当。 
とろみ具合が、絶妙だった。 11 more words

My Everyday Life

Korean spicy chilled buckwheet noodles bento

My wife doesn’t like spicy stuff, so I made it only for myself. She’s gonna buy something to eat for lunch today.
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My Everyday Life

sandwich bento, again

I don’t like bread, but my wife asked me to use up all the toast. So, I made sandwiches again. 55 more words

My Everyday Life

hiyashi chuka bento

It’s so humid in Japan these days. My wife had a poor appetite, so we made hiyashi chuka for bento.

I mentioned about Obama Care in the last post. 47 more words

My Everyday Life