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carbonara and takoyaki

I bought “carbonara” for lunch at a corner(convenience) store such as 7-11.

I miss Wendy’s baked potato chilli and cheese, so I made it by myself tonight. 16 more words

My Everyday Life

sandwich and chilli con carne bento(チリコンカンとサンドウィッチ弁当)

I also added chick peas into a slow cooker.
2000円のスロークッカーを見つけて購入。 内鍋が陶器だから、重い&

嫁には辛すぎるらしい。 サワークリームを入れないと食べられないみたい。  41 more words

My Everyday Life

gumbo bento

I thought I made too much gumbo for my wife and me, but nothing left after making bento for 2 of us. My wife loves it very much. 44 more words

My Everyday Life

Does the tea taste good?

Hello my tecups of wonders!

All good? Well I´m living a wonderful life

Like, off the boards awsome! I manage to study in the night now, so im moor free. 237 more words

My Everyday Life

chicken&sausage gumbo(ガンボ)

There are varieties of recipes for gumbo on the internet, so I don’t know which one the real recipe is.

Ingredients are onion, carrot, okura, celery, chick peas, diced tomato, sausage, chicken thigh, grated garlic, herbs and seasonings. 25 more words

My Everyday Life

Chinese meatball bento

I used frozen meatballs. I just made sauce, thickened, and mixed them together. 14 more words

My Everyday Life