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Tonkatsu bento

Tonkatsu is pork cutlet. Does it come from Germany? It looks like Schnitzel, but tonkatsu is deep-fried. It’s one of the popular dish in Japan. 29 more words

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double cooked pork bento with Korean chilli paste

I used Korean chilli paste, “Gochugang,” instead of Chinese seasoning, “Tianmianjiang.” 13 more words

My Everyday Life

shredded pork and green bell peppers bento

Today’s bento is popular Chinese menu in Japan, “shredded pork and green bell peppers” bento.  Beef is the best for this dish, though. It’s a leftover from last dinner. 102 more words

My Everyday Life

pork&kimchi stir-fry bento

Kimchi has very strong smell, so I’m gonna brush my teeth well and use “Listerine” after lunch. My wife believed that Brussels sprout was a baby of cabbage till this morning.XD 20 more words

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bitter melon stir-fry bento

healthy bento, today! It’s not Chinese bitter melon stir-fry. It’s Okinawa style. 30 more words

My Everyday Life

meatball bento

It looks like kid’s bento.

昨日、家中バルサンを炊いた。 定期的なバルサン、ホウ酸ダンゴ
トラップにも引っかからない。 窓開けてたら、ゴキブリが飛んできて

今日は二人で合わせた休み。 原付2台でスーパー行ったり、
大掃除になりました。  俺はキッチンとお風呂場担当。

冷蔵庫2台の庫内清掃。 冷蔵庫きれいだと気持ち良いな。 13 more words

My Everyday Life