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I just came across an excellent article that goes into depth about the various types of white metal, and corrects many of the myths, hoaxes and just plain bad info that sometimes accompanies vintage silver listings. 30 more words

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Is Vintage a What or a When?

Today is unintentionally dedicated to the whole idea of a vintage presence on Etsy.

This idea or question started when I read a posting on the… 448 more words

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The Largest Socially Responsible Corporation

Etsy launched its public offering and got lots of publicity, most of it reporting the rise in value and its status as a B corporation. 243 more words

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Etsy Takes Off!

I’m listening to an online radio station from D.C. (WTOP) and already, it has reported four or five times on the ascendancy of… 122 more words

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Pinterest 101: How to Invite

If you’re like me, you love Pinterest. You could spend a good hour just wandering around, feasting your eyes on all the pretties, adding your own pins, meeting fellow travelers and common souls. 251 more words

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Etsy Sellers Alarmed Over Post Office Delays

Sellers on the popular marketplace Etsy are showing increased alarm over the widespread delays in shipping by the US Post Office (USPS).

The public Forums on Etsy are regularly producing threads from Sellers who are curious, worried or angry about the sudden slow down in delivery time. 159 more words

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The Feng Shui of Sales

Feng Shui – what has that got to do with sales?

I have a somewhat large collection of books related to feng shui, and years ago, I was familiar with its principles – both the original meanings and the newer, simplified, Americanized version. 307 more words

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