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Nigeria2015: The Loser Still Won!

MY FINAL THOUGHTS on #NigeriaDecides as I face my businesses now with the promises of Buharians to give Nigeria 24/7 electricity and make $1 = 1Naira. 313 more words


the chaotic days, so here i am

Me. Here. Alone in middle of people. I’m tired and I want to sleep.

I just slept for about 3 hours last night. I slept at 1.45 AM and woke up at 5.00 AM. 377 more words

My Diary

Today's story 1/4

Ka Linh, who I met 2 years ago at red itinerary. That is a beatiful girl with light eyes, dimpled cheek and I liked her. 30 days together, it’s bring for our very memory.  10 more words

My Diary

Happy 1st April! ( do not go too far with the jokes!)

First I should say

As April came, I hope for more spring temperatures and great weather, so I can make more photos :) The April vacation is from 2 April, so yeah, today we have to go to school :( . 189 more words

My Diary.. :)

Thay đổi hay là chết...

Cái vòng luẩn quẩn, có lẽ đúng với mình và rất nhiều người. Tâm lý trì hoãn, thiếu động lực đang giữ chân ta đến với thành công.

Change or die


LD-r mama-r promotion!

Aj k sobai mile LD mane satyajit dhore party niye6I…ki6u akta holei holo r aj holo j satyajit r mama r promotion hoye6e tai party niye6I..mutton party!! 56 more words

My Diary