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Week 2 of a 30 Day Journalling Challenge

I'm loving this challenge. It has really focused my attention and gives me a piece of art that I 'have' to do each day. At the moment, I'm generally painting whatever comes into my head. 31 more words

My Creative Journaling

Monday evening in my garden shed.

Last night I sat down and did some work, helped with a large glass of red wine for added inspiration! I normally paint early in the morning as a meditative experience, and then get on with my day, but I was feeling inspired last night. 53 more words

My Creative Journaling

Morning in Lucca

It’s an incredible place to paint isn’t it? Although the landscape painting I attempted was a little ropey, I loved painting the dancers.
They have given me a lot of pleasure and I haven’t finished them yet.  17 more words
My Creative Journaling

Italy 2014

Such an amazing place to work! As soon as I arrived here in Lucca, I settled down with my paints and pens and started painting. Anything! 79 more words
My Creative Journaling

Emotional Pain

    sometimes the prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain

I think this is such a profound quote. I saw it on one of my Pinterest boards this morning and it moved me deeply.

147 more words
My Creative Journaling

Remember Why You Started

A splendid quote I feel. Sometimes we get stuck and can’t see a way through to the other side. Remembering why you started anything really focus’s your mind on the ‘why’ of action. 65 more words

My Creative Journaling