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I find myself looking at overweight people and thinking about their health, wondering how they feel with all the extra weight they’re carrying. I know I hate the feeling when I sit down and that extra roll of fat hangs over my shorts. 346 more words


I Make Myself Sick

Have you ever eaten such a shitty day’s worth of food that you woke up in the middle of the night with acid reflux (also known as, “I threw up a little in my mouth”) which you then aspirated? 357 more words

I've Got the Goods

A couple of years ago I attended a conference on social entrepreneurship. One of the exercises I did there was to place my hands into a wooden box with my eyes closed. 273 more words


Lock Ness

Forgive: When a person decides to satisfy their lust using a child’s body, their actions are not forgivable.

Yet I forgave. Forgiveness for me meant unclenching the clawed, hairy fist of the beast from my heart, squeezing it so tight I could hardly breathe or function. 192 more words


My Body is Mine: Tattoos as Female Empowerment

When I first told my mother I was going to get a tattoo, she asked me a question I hadn’t gotten before: “Why?” The answer, though I hadn’t really thought about it, came easily: body ownership.  513 more words

Go to bed!

It has taken a trendy little wearable device to point out the fact that I’m not getting nearly enough sleep. I’ve been wearing a Jawbone UP since December. 306 more words

My Body


One trudge down the meadow to the creek on snowshoes was enough, huffing and puffing, like walking through waist deep water!