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Name that piece of Art... part 57...

Awwwww… another baby picture of me… sort of…

Come up with a clever name… And remember, you can come up with more than one clever name to increase your odds of a win.


Thank You and Good Bye Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.

On 23 March 2015, people of Singapore were all sadden by the passing of our Nation’s founding father, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. No words can express how much you mean to us. 31 more words

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New Year 1394 (2015), in the Parliament of Canada

Toronto – Hojanepes News: New Year in 2015 (1394) compared to previous years was held with more interest in the world.

Especially its way to the White House and President Barack Obama greeting messages from America and his wife Michelle Obama and Canadian Prime Minister also congratulated totally different sights and sounds of New Year’s celebration. 143 more words

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New Loki candles! Also candles for Sigyn & Angrboda!

There are two new Loki candles in my store:

These Loki candles are a rich bright orange, dusted with orange and gold glitter, scented with pure essential oils of orange, ginger, and sandalwood – sweet, a little spicy and earthy, kinda sexy.  166 more words


Name that piece of Art... part 56...

Another one from my series of posts about things I would do to make my wife smile…

I don’t know if that is the House of Representatives or Congress or even why I thought it would make her smile to see me streak through it, but you don’t have to analyze it, just come up with a name.


Another love in my life

These girls, I piece them together and then fall in love with them over and over. This lovely lady is no exception.

I have a cool video of her on my Instagram @jojovovo!

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I love how the girl in this picture looks like she’s sitting on the stack of magazines! It wasn’t intended, yet there she is.

But this post is about her, it’s about paper. 91 more words

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