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Morning Anxiety and the Power of Thought

I suffer from anxiety a lot more in the morning.  Sure some people might call it getting up on the wrong side of the bed, but for me its innate anxiety that can denote exactly how the rest of my day will pan out. 670 more words

My Anxiety Story

Exercise and Anxiety

Exercise really helps my anxiety.  It also adds to my anxiety.

Fun hey?

I never really want to exercise, but I manage to go at least four times a week.   239 more words

My Anxiety Story

Why Me?

For a long time it felt like life was against me.

My family and friends have always helped me to keep perspective and i’m aware that living the life most of us do, we are innately lucky.   430 more words

My Anxiety Story

The year of Boundary breaking.

2013 was five years after I had started suffering from Anxiety, and also the year I had the biggest realisation to date.

I was holding myself back… 729 more words

My Anxiety Story

Support Networks (or how to let go of bad people and surround yourself with joy ;)

As I said in a previous post, I do believe that one of the best things anyone who suffers from Anxiety can have is a strong support network.   838 more words

My Anxiety Story

The Next Step

So, I had left Uni, my big life plan abolished somewhat, and I needed to get a job.  Working focused my mind and helped me a bit, I started socialising with people from work and people I met through the bar and stumbled upon a fun little life.   683 more words

My Anxiety Story


University was never really an option for me, it was a given.

I had always been ambitious, driven to reach my goals.  From the minute I started school I was set on getting good grades and doing well, I was never one to play up and getting in trouble terrified me.   892 more words

My Anxiety Story