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Remembering the BP Oil Spill ~~~

just another rant ..,

In memory of the BP oil spill … A day just like today,  the sun came up and the light of day gave way to a whole lot of life, but on 4/20, the morning light showed just how bad the BP oil spill disaster was, uncovering an event that will forever affect the… 640 more words


Civil Rights ... god and nature NOT the government ?

just another rant …my opinion

I don’t know about you but I think of the Declaration of Independence as our social contract … right. Though if you listen to Republicans, it seems they missed that class, ignored it or have gone completely rogue and prefer their own ideology they are currently following.  342 more words

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Words Matter ...

Just another rant…

The weather is letting us all know climate change is real, got to admit that the cloud formations and bluster is kind of interesting …though the wind, rain and in some States enormous amounts of snow has done some big damage. 676 more words

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living with or taking over wildlife lands ...

Just another rant …

One day while I was minding my own business, I received an email from the fish and wildlife department. I signed up to get email from them but not out of malice or some secret plan to track their actions but some of them gave me chills sadness and great disappointment… and that was my first reaction then it made me remember the… 957 more words

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How many use "the Media" for voting information

Just another rant …

The President says the time for talk is over; I agree, but if you read and or listen to the Media, who characterized this President’s actions as frantic and furious regarding health care reform done.  689 more words

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it was blowin in the wind : GMO

a repost: a story/issue that needs more research and repeal the rider 

AquaBounty …

 is a biotechnology company dedicated to the improvement and productivity in aqua culture. 1,420 more words

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