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Say it isn't so ...

So, I got an email on Monday, saying oh… there’s more that Justin Gammill has to share about “natural flavorings,” turns out , so do I. 528 more words


Is your state or country going through urban renewal, rebuilding while displacing

Definition of GENTRIFICATION …

  The process of renewal and rebuilding accompanying the influx of upper-income or affluent people into deteriorating areas that often displaces poorer residents. 124 more words

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climate change realities ...Haiti Still needs Help ~~ a repost


While we all watched in horror as SE Asia endured yet more storms following Haiyan …or Yolanda, we can all agree – it was definitely a catastrophic Typhoon. 680 more words

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More States and Countries are choosing to Ban and or Reduce access to Plastic Bags

 a repost … and more posts to follow on what is happening now … 2015

I have to include an 2015 update to what seemingly was a ban in 2012, was in reality. 778 more words


Southern ties and segregation ...

So as i surfed the Saturday news,  I find MPH talking to a writer about what started out as a 2009 story seemingly about a prom, possible inclusion, promise and progress which tragically splinters off into three different stories as one ends with an unnecessary senseless death of #JustinPatterson,a young black man in 2011. 319 more words

~ My 2cents ...

a story of hope turned into several splinters of reality ...

An update to a post that obviously was so much more.

In April 2013, as politics and pop culture collided, while twitter and face book joined in as seeds of change for me. 778 more words

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