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Game of Thrones The Musical - Red Nose Day

Like a lot of people around the world, I watch Game of Thrones, and even if I try not to, I’m really attached to the characters. 75 more words


Playing Golf – AERO Golf Club (G)

Found a Golf Club today, and thought I would play a few holes. Please note that you need to join the group In order to play, but it’s free, and if you are running out of groups, you can delete after playing. 127 more words

Second Life

Three meters above the sky

This is a must-see movie for you if you are a #romanceaholic like me, it will have you in tears by the end. It is a Spanish movie and was released in 2010. 161 more words


Maximillion Kleene live at Creamy’s Spot (A)

Maximillion played live at Creamy’s Spot, a (A) Adult venue with a D/s and BDSM club ( You have been warned ) The concert itself was played at a public area, and was actually very moderate. 239 more words

Second Life

Highlights of Vietnam: 5 amazing places to visit in Vietnam

In January I wrote about five lesser-known highlights of Vietnam – including caves, mountain villages, beaches, and jungles. The five destinations I’ll be exploring today, meanwhile, are very much on the beaten track – but for good reason! 786 more words


So what did I MISS today?

My life in my new city has surprised me in many ways.

Some have been pleasant, and some, not so pleasant.

To be fair, the surprises have been mostly pleasant, 842 more words

Stories From The City

Lone Wolf live at Voodoo Bayou

Voodoo have been open for 2 years, and what a celebration it was. I actually went there just to dance in “my” corner and listen to whoever was on the air, before bedtime. 343 more words

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