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Setting the pace

One last workshop review from NJSCBWI15! I promise next week I’ll move on to different topics. Maybe even a couple of book reviews…

When we talk about pacing in a book, many of us immediately think about plot. 452 more words

Musings On Writing

Culture vultures

As I mentioned last week, I loved Suzy Ismail‘s presentation on “Writing Across Cultures.” With #WNDB and the landmark Supreme Court decisions lately, it seems a particularly timely one. 372 more words

Musings On Writing

State of the Zoo-nion Address 2015

Greetings, my fellow Simians.
Perhaps I’ve been binge-watching too much Homeland lately, but today, I am compelled to once again brief you on my current state of affairs as your faithful Primate President, as well as a Reader, Writer, and Editor. 724 more words

Writing A Novel

Characters and the writers who torment them

As writers, we do terrible things to our characters over the course of short stories and novels – we throw obstacles in their paths, send them after serial killers, break their hearts, introduce them to their arch-nemesis, strand them in foreign lands, and make them flirt with disaster. 435 more words


Weekend again?

Last weekend I attended the NJSCBWI 2015 conference. As always, it was wonderful – but I can’t believe it’s already the weekend again. I’ve finished my shifting and shelf-reading and my library has been put to bed for the summer (for me, if not my students), and I am back at my desk, ready to write. 729 more words

Musings On Writing

Cover Reveal: SINGULARITY by H. H. Basquait & Co

Greetings Fiction Fans.

Those of you who like the wonderfully weird and the weirdly wonderful may remember the project headed up be self-confessed Dilettante Helena Han Basquait… 148 more words

Musings On Writing

He said/She said

He said/She said  – On Dialogue   

“You really need to work on your dialogue,” she said.

“Oh really?” He answered smart-assedly.

Yes, really.  Dialogue is a tricky thing – first to be able to write the way people actually talk and then, well, to label it correctly. 344 more words